What if 2015 was Your Best Year Ever? Here’s How it Can Be.

I’ve always been a goal setting junkie.  I guess because I love the feeling of achieving.  Each goal achieved whether personal or professional leads to more confidence not just in myself but in my relationship with God as I lean into Him to empower me on the journey and across the finish line.

You may have goals you are thinking of for 2015. I know this past weekend I developed some goals being with the WOW Divas at Weekend of Wins in St. Augustine, FL.

One of my goals is to do five 5ks in 2015.  This might not seem like a big goal for me because I’ve run longer distances but  life today is more about consistency.  By committing to five 5ks in 2015, I remain committed to my all around health rather than just a “hurry up and achieve a goal” mentality which I had for many years.

Another big goal for me is reading through the bible chronologically in 2015.  This one seems impossible but I’m not going at it alone.  One of the other WOW Divas made the same goal and is going to form a group of Facebook so we can encourage each other with our daily reading plan. I’m so excited!!

WOW pic 1

By the way, here is a picture of a couple WOW Divas, Tina and Shelley, who set a big goal to complete their 1st half marathon.  They did it and so did many other women this past Weekend of Wins in St. Augustine, FL.  I’m so proud of all of them.

Goal setting and achieving doesn’t have to me hard but it does require a certain mentality, support and process.

That is why I’m so glad my online mentor Michael Hyatt has developed a Free video series and program called 5 Days to Your Best Year Ever.

If you truly want to make this your best year ever, and finally make progress against the goals that matter most, then go watch Michael’s video:


Since returning from Weekend of Wins, I spent time watching the videos.  Let me tell you they are AWESOME!!  They are packed full of great insights on goal setting and achieving.

After watching the videos, sign-up for Michael Hyatt’s  5 Days to Your Best Year Ever coaching program. (FYI, This is my affiliate link to his program and when you sign-up I will earn a commission.)

Let me tell you that I wouldn’t recommend anything that wasn’t top-notch.  Michael Hyatt is one of the most grounded Christian man I’ve ever met and has a heart of gold for you to achieve your heart’s desires.

I actually met Michael just last month at the Platform Conference in Colorado.  See my picture below.  Everything that I knew about him from just online became oh so true in person.

So let me encourage you to go check out the videos now and plan to make 2015 Your Best Year Yet!!

Many blessings,

Michelle D. Howe

platform conf 2014

P.S. With over 3,000+ happy buyers last year, this course really has become an incredible resource for helping people like you achieve great things.

Just be warned, it will not be available forever as it is only open for a short window each year.


P.P.S.  Today is the opening day and there is an extra bonus just for today!!


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