7 Ideas to Give Memories Not Crap for Christmas

Do you remember all your Christmas gifts growing up? OK maybe you remember that one thing you begged your parents for but other than that do you really remember any of them? If I ask my kids what they received when they were ten years old, their response will be “IDK!” Ugh, teenagers!!!

I would bet what you do remember is times spent with family or friends not just during the holidays but throughout the whole year.

I personally want to create experiences or memories for my kids that ten, twenty years from now they will say, “remember that time we did …!”

That’s what I desire to give at Christmas and I want you to encourage you to consider doing the same.

So here are some ideas for giving memories rather than crap for Christmas:

  1. Season Passes to a Theme Park – We had Disney season passes for couple years given by the grandparents for the whole family to enjoy throughout the year. These are some wonderful memories that my girls still talk about today.
  2. Concert or Show Tickets – Whether their favorite music artist, music play or movie tickets, this is a great gift to give.
  3. Coupons for Family Night or Date Nights – There is nothing more fun and memorable then a family night out or a date night with child and parent. You can give a coupon book in their stocking or in a box to unwrap that offers twelve coupons to use each month out of the year. When they go to use the coupon, come up with fun ideas like mini-golf, movie, fishing, shopping or other stuff your kids love to do with just you.
  4. State Park Pass – Many states offer annual passes to visit any state park throughout the year. This gift is great for the adventurous family that likes camping and outdoor activities.
  5. Extracurricular Activities Envelope – This envelop offers them the gift of extracurricular activities throughout the year. Hey it cost a lot to do these things and they do create awesome memories. My oldest does baton twirling and we have about ten competition she will be attending which all cost money so it’s a reminder to them to be grateful for all we give them during the whole year not just on one day. My youngest daughter does Taekwondo and that’s not cheap either. You can bet I’m going to get creative on my wrapping for this gift. There going to have to work for it. LOL
  6. Summer Camp Experience – I have to bet that your kids have some kind of summer camp whether with the youth at church or a sports camp they look forward to going to each year. My girls look forward to returning to a leadership camp next year that took them out to Denver, Colorado. This was quite an experience and they made some amazing friendships. I will find some creative way to wrap up this one. Maybe hide the envelope in the Christmas tree for them to find.
  7. Favorite Verse Wall Decor – This might not be a memory but one I want to share that I’m doing for my girls this year. I have a local artist creating a canvas print of my girl’s favorite bible verses that they selected at a recent youth retreat. So it’s kind of reminds them of a memory. This is inexpensive and if you are crafty you can create it yourself.

So there are some fun ideas. Oh, and just so you know where I do go a little overboard on Christmas in on goodies that go into their stockings. These are usually some of their favorite things they use daily and some fun extras. Our girls have created a memory that my sister and I did when we were young which is opening the stocking really early before parents wake up. This is something they do together and creates a fun sibling experience.

What other gifts can you give that create memories? Share here or on social media posts.

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