A Room with a God View

It was 2009 that God lead us to an opportunity to purchase a bigger home in another part of town. We weren’t necessarily looking for a bigger home at the time but had hopes of some day living closer to family and in the zoning of the high school my husband and I attended. That day came earlier than expected and so did the opportunity to let go of the old and step into something new.

God had done quite a bit of work on me from 07 to 09 so change felt good and kind of like a new beginning.

This house came with four bedrooms and we only needed three. It was more spacious with open areas to host life groups and gatherings. We dedicated the house to God and gave Him the reigns to use it however He desired because it wasn’t ours anyways but His.

Shortly after moving in, we were lead to create a family verse. God lead us to 1Peter 4:9-10. It says in TLB version, Cheerfully share your home with those who need a meal or a place to stay for the night. God has given each of you some special abilities; be sure to use them to help each other, passing on to others God’s many kinds of blessings.”

This verse so perfectly describes our experience thus far with this “extra room” since moving in almost seven years ago.

Today, I heard God whisper in my heart, “I gave you more room so you could live in less – of yourselves, your ways and your comfort.

Sounds kind of strange but that is exactly what God has done. He has given us an opportunity to grow and be stretched so to live in less dependence of ourselves and more on Him. This is the place that true ministry happens.

If the walls of this “extra room” could talk, you would hear some of the stories of the following:

a broken friend

a sweet niece

a confused young adult

a faithful newlywed

a neglected little boy

a young spirited pastor

a tossed around teen

It warms my heart to think about the seeds that have been planted in the hearts of those that have entered this sanctuary and I know more will pass through in the future.

I don’t tell you this to toot our horn as a family or pat ourselves on the back rather to confirm something that God may be whispering into your heart – cheerfully share your home, your blessings with others.

Can I challenge you to consider how you are being a good steward of your home, time and talents? Consider this and ask God to speak loudly and clearly into your heart so you can obey the path he may be pointing you to right now or in the near future.

Many blessings,

Michelle D. Howe

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