A Life Undone is Exactly Where God Wants You

I just finished reading Michele Cushatt’s new book, “Undone, A story of Making Peace with an Unexpected Life.”  Her book launched out last week publicly with much buzz and excitement.


As part of the book launch team, I had the privilege to receive an early copy to review.  Only thing is I didn’t finish the book in time last week to send my review out.

I wasn’t sure why I hadn’t made it more of a priority to finish it until I finally came to the end the book.

After closing the last page of the book, I felt conviction in my heart that I avoid hard, uneasy stories – the ones that I want to close my eyes on or cover my ears because it sounds to painful.

I’ve never been much of a tragic or shoot up kind of movie goer.

I tend to go to the romantic comedy movies and the motivational personal development kind of books.

This book shook me to my core.  Michele’s book is a memoir – one that is real, messy and her writing reveals that you are her best friend listening to all her deepest fears, secrets and thoughts. 

As soon as I received the book, I flowed straight through to chapter four then stopped.  I picked it up another time and made it through to chapter six.  Then I stopped again.

This is a pattern for me – start then stop, start then stop.  No matter how much personal development I’ve done this pattern still seems to creep in from time to time.  Ugh!

Well this week was Spring Break at my home so I buckled down and committed to finish it so I could post my review.

As I started into chapter eight, it all went, DING for me!  I mean I started really connecting to Michele’s story and couldn’t put the book down.

In this chapter, Michele was in the midst of pain from recurring sores in her mouth.  It had been a few months since her diagnosis and surgery when a previously booked speaking engagement with a large Christian women’s conference approached.  Her insecurities and doubt crept in.

As the event day approached, she was empty with nothing to offer.  She says, “All I could offer was me, as empty and lost as I was.  And it turned out to be exactly what those beautiful, precious moms needed.  Me too.”

This is exactly what God is showing me in my ministry to women – He wants me empty of me and full of Him.

In my flesh, I feel inadequate to coach or minister to the lonely, angry, depressed, and abused woman but that is what He has placed in my life because these are part of my story.

I feel unequipped yet I am equipped because of the Great I AM.  

I have the complete character of God in me from the Holy Spirit which enables me to do the work of the Lord.  And so do you!

The last few years God has revealed an area of ministry that scares me and on most days causes me to drag my feet and hide under the covers.

But on the days I do face the reality of my calling, God is with me and miracles happen.

undone pic 2

Michele’s memoir has inspired me to keep the path so I can …

let go of fear of not enough,

let go of control of the future,

let go of safe and comfortable,

so I can be open to all God wants to do in and through me.

“Ministry – of the truest kind – isn’t about impressing unknown strangers with spotless presentations and a flawless life.  It’s about exposing the hidden imperfections and giving others permission to do the same.  Becoming a fellow struggler who delivers zero judgement but abundant grace.” Michele Cushatt

YES that it!  Yes Lord I’m ready, send me.  

I recommend Michele’s book to every man and women that wants to be moved to a deeper connection with God, family and self.  There is a chapter in this book everyone can connect to from something in their life.  She uses such picturesque writing that ventures across her life to paint the picture of her awakenings with God.  So beautiful!  So stinking real!

“Through appearing undone, it hints that imperfection could turn into the makings of an incredible story.  And perhaps a breathtaking work of art.  Michele Cushatt.

undone pic 3

I’m personally ordering a dozen copies to hand out to my girlfriends this Easter season.  We could all use an awakening to our callings so we too can become undone by the hand of God.

Go grab your copies now.  “Undone, A story of Making Peace with an Unexpected Life.”

Michelle D. Howe

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