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IMG_5721aAs a stay at home/work at home Mom for the last 16 years, there are products, services, books and blogs that I have shaped my life, family and business.

Often I have folks “ask me howe” I did this or that or what I used to publish my book, create an online course or keep God at the center of my life.

Therefore, I have created the “Ask Me Howe” list of products, services, books and blogs that I have used over the years to be where I’m at today.  I encourage you to check them out and see how they may support you in your life and business.

If you have any questions on any of the links below, feel free to email me at

Lastly, please know that some of these links I will earn a referral/affiliate fee for the recommendations.  But understand I wouldn’t recommend these products if I didn’t completely 100% believe in them.

Thanks, Michelle Howe



  • God – The books below have had a tremendous impact on me and my walk with God from knowing my identity in God as a woman to healing from past hurts. I encourage you to pick up one if not two of them.



  •  Business – Here are some must read books that have supported me in my journey of building my business from home.  Click on some below and select one or two to encourage your business journey.


 Build Your Business:

  • Back in 2011 when I started my first blog with a couple of my friends, they very first thing I did was start to follow and learn from Jeff Goins.  He has an amazing program called TribeWriters that helps set you up to win as a blogger, writer and author.
  • If you are interested in self-publishing an eBook or paperback book, then let me encourage you to check out   This company is owned by Amazon and makes it an easy step by step process to publishing your book and eBook with the Kindle services.  If you would like additional help with this process including formatting your book and preparing for self-publishing, then email me at for a price quote for your project.
  • One of the most powerful online offers this days are online courses.  If you have a message to share or subject to teach, then consider using for your online course.


People ask me all the time what I use for my skin, hair and overall nutrition.  Here are the products I use and highly recommend.  Just fyi, I am not building any of these business right now but still want to share the products because I believe in them.

  • Arbonne International – I have used products from Arbonne since 2002.  I use their skin care, sun care, detox spa line and baby care products.  All amazing!!!
  • Isagenix – I have been using Isagenix for about a year and love them.  I did their 30 day challenge and experienced amazing results.  You can learn more and check out their products at.

 Race Training Playlist:

Here is another area that people ask me what music I listen to while training for my races.  Here are some of my favorite running/walking tunes.

I think that’s it for now.  If you have any questions about any of the above suggestions, please email me at  Also, check back for updates.

Thanks, Michelle 🙂

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