Rise Up and Build Confidence – a 21-Day Challenge (Stuart, Florida: Everyday Lifeline, LLC, 2016)

Join the journey towards God-sized confidence in your life. Self-confidence is short-lived but God-confidence carries you through every moment of every day so you can stand firm in faith and hope.

This challenge will allow you to step into:

  • 21-Days of God’s word to reframe your identity and worth in God’s truth rather than the world’s lies.
  • 21-Days of short teachings to apply God’s word to your everyday life so it becomes the foundation of everything you do.
  • 21-Days of challenges to build evidence of God’s goodness and greatness in your life leading you to more confidence, joy, peace, forgiveness and freedom.

As you venture through this journey you will begin to let go of self-doubt, discouragement and discontentment so you can truly rise up and build of life of confidence and purpose.