7 Ideas to Give Memories Not Crap for Christmas

Do you remember all your Christmas gifts growing up? OK maybe you remember that one thing you begged your parents for but other than that do you really remember any of them? If I ask my kids what they received when they were ten years old, their response will be “IDK!” Ugh, teenagers!!! I would […]

10 Free Things I Did to Start My Home Business

Might surprise you but for the first year of my business I paid little to nothing to start the ball rolling. You may think you need thousands of dollars to start a home business but you really don’t. You just need an idea or area of expertise, some creativity and a willingness to learn. So […]

Why Your Home Business May Not Be Moving Forward

Have you ever worked hard to reach a goal then realized the success didn’t last and you were back at square one again? This is called self-sabotage and it can play a huge role in whether you move forward in your life and home business. This cycle of self-sabotage played a role in my life […]

You are the City on a Hill!

God is in the midst of her (His City), she will not be moved; God will help her when the morning dawns. Psalm 46:5 How awesome is this verse?! Not sure I’ve ever taken notice of this verse until my husband shared it with me the other day. He was sharing about Psalm 46 and […]