Confession of a Work at Home Mom about Summer and a Solution

Can I be honest?  I have a love-hate relationship with Summer.

I love that my kids are home and we can have unscheduled days of fun AND I not a fan of many weeks in a row of kids being home and unscheduled days.

Can you relate?

I do desire to hang with my kids, go to the beach, watch a few movies, shop and have some sleepovers.  I love this time with them and there are only so many summers left with my girls so I want to soak up every moment.


I want to stay focused on my business goals by continuing to blog, coach and create programs that best serve you.

As a work at home mom, this can be quite the dilemma juggling family and business in the Summer.  But, I think I have a solution to this challenge.

Do you remember Summer Camp?  Did you ever go?

When I went to summer camp, I remember there were set times for everything we did.

Breakfast was at a certain time then we went into activities like crafts, swimming, ropes courses and even archery. After lunch, depending on the age, might take a nap or have a quiet time followed by afternoon activities then into dinner time.

I love this!  Summer Camp provided character building activities, a structured schedule but also some awesome play time.

Therefore, I believe we can create a similar experience in our homes throughout the summer.  Therefore I have created a summer camp like experience that as a work at home/stay at home mom you implement each week.

It’s called Camp HoweAwesome!!

My goal as Camp Director is to:

1. Encourage you to connect with your family and create some awesome memories.  You don’t have to feel guilty about having fun with the kiddos while work stays undone.  It will get done but first let’s make some memories. You only have so many summers with them so make them count.  Each week by email you will receive tips on connecting with your kids, fun summer outings ideas and bible verses to discuss together.

2. Empower you to stay consistent with your business or other personal goals. I used to just put my business on hold in the Summer and would feel like I was starting all over once school started back. I don’t want to do that this summer therefore a weekly Camp HoweAwesome email will share tips to stay engaged and consistent in your business.

3. Equip the next generation of entrepreneurs. My favorite part of Summer camps growing up was arts and crafts time.  Many times we all started with a similar project but each person was able to use their own creativity without judgement to make something fun and original to our personality.  I too want to inspire some creativity and thinking outside the box by you and your child creating a business (real or pretend).  My oldest daughter and I will be creating a business from the ground up and I’ll share each detail with you through the weekly camp email.  My hope is to equip the next generations of entrepreneurs.

So starting June 1st, Camp HoweAwesome will kick off!!  By signing up, you will be the inaugural group of the 1st Camp HoweAwesomeHoweawesome camp

So just to recap, Camp HoweAwesome will provide a weekly email for 12 weeks of Summer to Encourage you to connect with your family, Empower consistency in your business and Equip the next generation (your kids) of entrepreneurs.

Now to be honest again, I’m not sure what each week will exactly look like and I’m praying for God guidance. Please know that I don’t have it all together and we will learn from each other as we go on this adventure.  My hope is at the end of Summer you will say WOW, HoweAwesome was that!!!

Sign up at Camp HoweAwesome NOW!!!

What is your favorite and not so favorite part about Summer? Comment here or on social media.

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