From Busy Bee to Breathing Free (Guest Post by Lauren Black)

I joined the young adults group at church for all the wrong reasons. My younger brother had just graduated college, moved back home, and was in need of some Christian friends. He was also single. You get where I’m going with this, right?

Now this young adults group was very, well, young. Half were still teenagers, fresh out of high school, just trying to figure out what classes to take. The other half were recent college grads, single and ready to find their first real job.

And then there was me: 27 years old, married, working full-time and starting my own business on the side. I was like a bird in a fish bowl.

Tuesday evenings at church were a welcomed break from my side hustle that had me working nights and weekends. I was finally connected with a body of believers and was physically attending church rather than just watching it online.

I was spending more time with my husband – together we were serving and having fellowship with other believers. Though I was busier than ever, God had me right where he wanted me.

During a series on worship, our leaders asked that we kneel in prayer. While bowing in reverence, God spoke to my heart: “If you put even a fraction of the time into My Kingdom that you put into your business, imagine the great things that could be done.” While my intentions for the group may have been to scout out a future sister-in-law, God’s intentions were to scout out my heart.

My “aha” moment didn’t transform me overnight. Although I’d decided to start a blog for workaholic Christian business women, my own workaholic tendencies worsened.

I wanted nothing more than to leave my day job to make my business-owning dream a reality, which I thought would bring freedom and balance.

I did client work past midnight and wallowed in guilt when I’d do something relaxing. I rarely saw my baby nephews who lived nearby and “quality” time with my husband consisted of watching TV together – together as in, present but on separate couches as I worked on my laptop.

I was waiting on God to reveal his timing for me to leave my day job.

I picked up Lara Casey’s “Make it Happen,” expecting it to empower me for the leap into full-time entrepreneurship. Instead, her story convicted me about my work-centered lifestyle.

How could I be planning a blog for workaholics when I was the biggest offender of them all? I realized that I wasn’t waiting on God, God was waiting on me! I needed to get my heart right before taking my business full-time. Otherwise, I’d continue to be immersed in work and neglect what’s most important, no matter who my employer was.

With a fresh perspective, I put in a three-month notice at my day job. Before launching my business full-time, I launched my Christian blog, Honey & Grace.

Our tagline is my mission: from busy-bee to breathing free, finding God’s grace in life and business.

Our life verse encourages me to slow down and let God take the reigns: “Be still and know that I am God” – Psalm 46:10.

I thank God for His grace and for rescuing me from my former lifestyle.

My hope and desire is to help other Christian women, who feel trapped by work and are drowning in busyness, to find freedom in God’s promises and a true work/life balance. Together through the Honey & Grace mastermind group and blog, we can build our businesses while serving the Lord and keeping our priorities in order!

Molliner-Photography-92_BAbout Lauren:

Having broken free from a workaholic lifestyle – juggling a full-time job while starting a business – Lauren Black is dedicated to helping busy Christian women set priorities, create Christ-centered businesses, and find a work/life balance through her blog and mastermind group, Honey & Grace ( Lauren draws from her business experience and years of studying the Bible to help other entrepreneurs grow their businesses while staying grounded in their faith. With a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design from the University of Florida, Lauren runs a boutique design studio, Legacy Loft, which helps small businesses stand out with professional branding; provides art direction to designers; and creates custom hand-made invitations for weddings and events (


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