Ladies This is What God is Calling Us to Right Now!

Over the last week when I have my quiet time, God keeps leading me to 2 Timothy Chapter 2. When I tempted to go read it on my phone, He prompted me not go there but to pick up my printed study bible in the NASB (New American Standard).

All I can say is WOW and WOAH!!

Ok so before I share what He is teaching and challenging me let me set the context of what I see happening in our world right now.

It is no surprise that as believers even in the USA we are under attack. This is not a new reality for believers in other nations but it is shocking in a nation founded on the principles of God’s word that we too are under attack.

This is not a surprise to God and He is calling us to a movement that has similarities of the early church. I believe it is no coincidence that many churches including TV media have focused in on the book of Acts.

The early church is our model for sharing God’s word and for multiplication of our calling to be disciples of Christ making disciples of Christ.

For the last year, I been training with E3 partners/IAMSECOND to share my faith boldly and intentionally with those in my life and with strangers. It has been challenging yet rewarding too. My faith has grown even more roots as I have witnessed God move and listened to stories of lives transformed by their new life in Jesus.

So let me share what God showed me and pointed me to in 2 Timothy chapter 2 as it relates to this call on our lives in the times that we live in right now.

First let me tell you in my bible the title of the chapter is, “The Character of a Soldier of Christ.”

You may be thinking, “I’m not a solider, I’m a stay at home mom trying to raise my family or I’m a work at home mom trying to build my business, love my husband well and raise my kids.”

Well ladies, as I mentioned we are at war in this nation and it’s a spiritual one. As women of God, it might be time to refocus from being a Proverbs 31 woman to being a 2 Timothy 2 woman!

Can I challenge you to go now and read 2 Timothy 2 in your own bible. You will see that Paul is giving this talk to Timothy who he has been discipling and preparing to take on his ministry as his death draws near.

Here is exactly what God spoke into my heart as I read and wrote in my journal while reading through 2 Timothy 2:  (Just FYI, this came right after I returned from a very spirit filled church service and I desired more of what God wanted to say to me.)

  • She is Strong (v.1-2) – Michelle (place your name here) you are strong because I’m strong. I live through you therefore you have nothing to fear.
  • She is Single-Minded (v.3-4) – Michelle don’t think about worldly things or success. Focus on developing disciples for me then I will exalt your name. I will make you known so more can know me and follow my call on their life.
  • She is Strict (v.5-10) – Michelle stay committed to my call like you did when you trained for a race. Commit to listen and obey moment by moment. Let me lead you therefore commit to a sacred time in prayer and study. I will then make my plans evident to you.
  • She is Secure (v.11-13) – Michelle you are mine and you have been bought with a price. The old is gone the new is here so you can do what I have called you to do.
  • She is of Sound Faith (v.14-19) – Michelle don’t add to My Word. Keep it true and allow me to speak it through you. Empty you of yourself and stand in the fullness of my love, grace and righteousness.
  • She is Sanctified (v.20-23) – Michelle you have been set apart so you can be my servant to this lost and hurting world. I’m doing a good work in within you now so GO, Listen and Obey!
  • She is a Servant (v.24-26) – Michelle as I’ve told you before your life is not your own therefore follow my leading in relationships. If I nudge you, then challenge those you are in relationship with but be gentle, loving and lead them to the truth that sets them free from the enemy.

God’s final words in my journal:  I breathed this Word on you so you can take it in then teach it to My daughters so they will know and act on it.

It’s pretty wild that as I was preparing this blog today God lead me back to Proverbs 31 to see how 2 Timothy might differ or be similar. What I found was there are many similarities. I will share those similarities in my next blog post.

In the meantime, let me encourage you to read both these passages for yourself and find where they differ or are similar. Also, pray and ask the Lord to reveal in your heart how you can step into being a 2 Timothy 2 woman in your life where you are right now.

What did you discover about these passages? Share your comments here or on my social media posts.

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