That Lie That Keeps You Not Trusting

It happened again – they hurt me

See it will never change.  I must get as far away as possible.

Why does this keep happening to me?  Why am I always the one getting hurt?

The story plays on and on.  I step closer and closer -trying on trust again – but the same old evidence of being left, abandoned, forgotten, abused – the re-run plays over and over – telling me “no”.

God my salavation garden

This is my story on certain days too. I play it less and less. But I still I know the affects of being betrayed and not wanting to trust again.

A friend said to me today, “I get sick when she comes around.”

“I’m afraid I’m going to get hurt again or worse have my friends go against me again.”

Old stories or evidence of past hurts love to reappear when “those” people or people who remind you of the ones that hurt you come around.  The volume blasts:

“Run!  Go!  Move away!  Defend!”

You may not even realize how you are shutting down till it is too late.



Losing it

Checking out


Why am I back here Lord?

Why can I not get past this?

Because you believe the lie that says – don’t trust they are a threat. 

They will hurt you and you have proof in your life that this is true. 

Jesus was mocked, beaten and stripped naked in public yet He knew the bigger purpose and focused His heart on that. He shifted to see God’s love and purpose higher than seeing hurt people hurt people.

We can live in the past or we can create a NEW truth or NEW evidence of what is true today.

I know – easier said then done.

We like to be right about being in “our stuff.”

We like to stay angry at people who we claim to be our enemy.

This does not serve us or God in being His hands and feet to a lost world.

Therefore, choose to see them in a different way.  Change the story for you – for them.

Freedom comes in the forgiveness AND when you decide to see that person in a different light – the light of Jesus that transforms the heart.

God I need you

Trust builds more readily when we lean more into Jesus and less into our old story.

Trust becomes possible again – when we stop pressing the replay button.

People who have hurt you may not be safe to you AND you get to love them anyways.

Why?  Because Jesus did.  He is our imitator – our example.

How much you trust is up to you, but not believing God can heal “them” – only holds you back in seeing the next “them” that you face.

It may go against every grain in your flesh but in the power of the Holy Spirit you can.

And when you do you allow them the space to heal from their hurt and find freedom too – it only breeds more freedom for you.

See them healed.  See them free.  See them living in the power of the Holy Spirit.

You are only responsible for your emotional and spiritual health.  You can’t choose health for anyone else.

However, you can influence and give courage to all you meet – as you refuse to give in to the lie that keeps you not trusting.

COMMENTS: When you think of that one person that you don’t trust, what is it that keeps you not trusting?  Is it possible that God can do a new work in and through you?

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