Lord, I Just Want to Feel Whole this Year

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Social media is great, isn’t it!   Well until you start to feel sorry for yourself watching everyone list their goals and aspirations for the New Year and in your heart you are just saying, Lord I just want to feel whole this year!

Can that be a goal – to feel whole again?

You might be feeling…

I’m tired of feeling broken!

I’m tired of this sick feeling in my stomach!

I’m tired of feeling like I’m walking on egg shells!

I’m tired of being tired!

I just want to feel whole again!

Personally, I have come in and out of these feelings at certain points of my life and nothing seemed to fill until I took “real-time” away from “stuff” to focus my time and energy on being “WELL” – spiritually, mentally and physically.

Sometimes, as moms, wives, daughters, grandmas, aunts and sisters, we need a time-out for ourselves.  Not to punish ourselves because we are already really good at that but to refresh ourselves – gain some new perspective.

What God used in my life was a race!  Yes I said a race!  When my life was not so rosy, God said go train for a half marathon.  And I said, “Yo, Lord I’m not a runner what the heck are you talking about. ”

But He kept nudging me until I finally obeyed.  And let me tell you this created more growth in my life than anything else before.

The training created time to hear God, talk to Him and gain a new perspective on life.

The training created confidence in my body and in my mind.

The actual race day and finish line created evidence of truth of who I am in Christ and what is possible on the other side of impossible.

God can use anything to gain our attention and for me He used a race.  There are plenty of analogies in the Bible of race, ya know.  I’ll let you Google them. 🙂

So not sure what ya thinking right now but it may be, “So how would this work for me?

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There are three parts to stepping into wholeness and freedom in your life.

1.  The Word – God’s word is essential to change your story.  Ya know the story you keep playing in your head that keeps you feeling broken and unworthy.  God wants to eliminate it through His Word and His Spirit so you can no longer live as a victim to life’s circumstances by as a Victor in Christ Jesus!

2.  The Workout – If you never run or walk before, that’s ok.  Let me encourage you to participate in a 5k before you take on another distance race.  The amazing thing about a race is it is the perfect analogy of living the renewed life Christ.  You have a starting place (salvation) where you leave the old behind then you move forward in faith (sanctification) one step at a time then you cross a finish line (sealed) receiving the eternal award waiting for us in Heaven.  At an actual race, the finish line is like a little slice of Heaven with trumpets going, music playing and people calling out your name.  It’s so cool!!

3.  The Wins – So much of the race of life is mental.  What keeps us living in our “stories” which is keeping us stuck is related to how we see ourselves and how we think others see us.  This is why I encourage you to find a daily Win! What I mean is what choice did you make today that honored God, yourself or someone else in your life?  Collecting your Wins, will shift your mindset.  It’s really cool if you collect them in a jar each month and involve the family.  Then, read them out loud at the end of each month.

So this may all sound like a little too much but I’ve created a simple resource to help you.  It’s called the WOW 5k Training – Training not just for the race but to be whole and free.

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Right now, I have the resource available here FREE.   If you are unsure that’s ok.  Since there is no fee involved there is no risk.  So, go ahead and download it, look over it, then decide whether to jump in or not.

If you do decide to take a step of faith, along with the program you will receive weekly email encouragements from me along with some additional tips and tricks for the race and for weight release.

Let me end by saying the feeling of wholeness is a choice.  If you are a saved by grace through faith of Jesus, then you are already whole in Him.  You don’t need this program or anything but where the battle seems to be is between our flesh and our spirit.  Therefore, this program will support you in moving forward to truly accept who you are and change the stories you keep playing.

So consider this your starting line.  What are you going to leaving behind in 2014, so you can move forward in 2015?

I’m personally leaving behind being scattered and moving forward into focused.  This is my word for 2015 – Focus!  Also, I’m holding onto Acts 20:24 as my verse for this year.  However, I consider my life worth nothing to me; my only aim is to finish the race and complete the task the Lord Jesus has given me—the task of testifying to the good news of God’s grace.

How about you? Leave a comment so I can be praying for you.  

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