Moms Set the Tone for the Home

Moms are like those amazing orchestra directors who can direct sections of musicians with just a swing of a director’s baton. Swish go brush your teeth. Swish go take the garage out. Swish go do your homework. Swish here’s my honey do list, darling. 😉

OK, maybe it’s not quite like that but moms do set the tone for their homes. Believe it or not but you are orchestrating the results in your family. What I mean is how you feel or what you are experiencing tends to play out in your whole family.

If mom is tired and cranky, most likely the kids are too.

If mom is eating junk food, most likely the rest of the family is too.

If mom begins to exercise and eat healthier, yes the family will follow her lead.

If mom is taking care of herself, most likely a sense of calm comes over the home.

I promise this is true. I dare you to test me.

When my husband and I are on the same page because we have had clear communication and connection during the day, my girls are more connected with him too.

So here is my question MOMS…

If the tone of your home sounds off, what are going to orchestrate in your life this year so you can create a healthy God-centered home?

Here are some suggestions:

  • Create 30 minutes of quiet time in your day just you and God. Listen to music, pray, meditate on His word to set the tone for your home to be center in Christ too.
  • Create time at the table with your family for a few meals a week. No phone zone. If you lead, they will follow. This can be lunch on a weekend too.
  • Participate in a face to face bible study or small group experience to build healthy friendships. Want your kids to have healthy friendships, well it starts with you taking that risk.
  • Volunteer with a local organization that supports something you can get excited about. Take your kids along or share with them about what you are doing. Your servant’s heart will spill over on them.
  • Sign-up for a 5k event. I’ve seen amazing confidence built-in my family for participating in a local 5k that benefited a foundation. Believe me when they see the light in your eyes and excitement they will want to follow in your footsteps.
  • Write down what you are grateful for daily. Great activity to begin shifting your mindset which in turn begins to shift theirs. Have entitlement children? Watch their hearts change as they remember what they are thankful for rather than what they don’t have.

Implement one or more of these this month and begin praying specifically for yourself that you will exemplify the fruits of the Spirit (love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness and self-control) so your family will too.

As the saying goes, “If momma is happy then everyone is happy.” Wow how true that is!!!

Michelle 🙂

What idea(s) will you implement this week? What other ideas do you have that help set the tone in your home?

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