Why When You Say “Let It Go” Life Says “I Don’t Think So”

let it go

We have heard these famous words “Let it Go” many times in the last year.  They are powerful words but let me warn you that when these words audibly come out of your mouth be prepared for life to say “I don’t think so.”


Because you have claimed with your mouth that you are “letting go” of the past or a present situation so you can move forward with your life.

My friend made this claim last week while we were working out at the gym. She said, I’m letting go of the hurt and pain so I can move on with my life.” I was so proud of her for making this shift.

Then, her weekend happened.

So many obstacles – hurtful words, painful pictures, sickness, car trouble. How much more can she take?

Let me tell you that this was not a surprise to me. You see we have an enemy in this world that doesn’t want the best for us. He wants to devour us and take us out of the race of life.

Even in the movie “Frozen,” right after Elsa sings at the top of her lungs, “let it go” she experiences the most adversity as begins to move forward finally accepting her gift no longer as a curse.

So how do you prepare for this kind of adversity when you want to grow, move and run this race for the Glory of the Lord?

Here a 5 ways to be prepare yourself to “kept moving forward” as Walt Disney would say.

1. Connect with God – When I get in my head about a situation, I go for a walk to get out of my head and into my heart. I spend most of the time giving thanks. Shifting to gratitude will change your attitude.

2. Memorize and internalize scripture – This is the best defense against the enemy – God’s word. Find a few of your favorite verses especially those that say the name of Jesus. Speak them out loud. Write them down and place them around your home and car.  I believe there is power in the spoken word of God.

3. Lean into your community – You might want to isolate but this is the worst choice you could make. Instead call, message, email some friends to pray over the situation. You are worth it and the world is not against you regardless of what the enemy is whispering to you.  Also, consider meeting up with a few friends to be encouraged not to go to that dark place.

4. Get a new perspective – One of the worst things that you can do is continue to play the distractions/stories in your head over and over. Discuss with a trusted coach or counselor the situations and allow them to offer another perspective.  As you practice this and mature in your walk with God, your bounce back time will become shorter and shorter.

5. Recognize your wins – Our minds tend to focus on the negative especially when tough “stuff” is going on therefore start focusing on your wins for each day. Our minds will see what we focus on therefore rather than focus on the failures, begin seeing where God has been faithful in your life and where you are making God-honoring choices.  These are YOUR WINS!!! Track them in a journal and look back often.

My friend was not at the gym this morning because she was still down.  We could not have this.  She is too important to so many people. Therefore, our gym buddy rushed over to speak truth to her, show her she is loved and tell her to get her butt in gear.  🙂

Friends don’t let friends stay stuck!!

So where in your life are you remaining stuck?  Have you recently taking steps forward out of that hole and experienced a hard slap in the face?  I’m with ya! It’s happened to me many times but I bounce back faster and faster now and God has carried me through them.

How will you react to obstacles the next time they arise?  What systems will you set in place so you can keep moving forward?


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Many blessings to you and a Happy Thanksgiving!!

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