Wonderfully Disturbing – Yes! I saw “The Shack”

Last Friday night, my husband, daughter and I went to the movies. They wanted to see one of the latest Marvel movies but I just wasn’t feeling it. I wanted to see “The Shack” and form my own opinion about the movie.

I read some of the controversy about the movie but thought to myself, “I have the Holy Spirit in me to discern so I going to trust that over man’s opinions.” I am so glad I did!!!

The words that came to mind just before the movie was ending was “wonderfully disturbing!” This movie moved me in such a way that is was uncomfortable but wonderful all at the same time.

Now, I will tell you that I didn’t read the book but know many that did and raved about it. I just seemed to never make the commitment even though I had a borrowed copy for years. I believe in God’s timing and I’m not sure that I would have understood or been able to discern the book as much as I am today with more knowledge and wisdom under my belt.

In my opinion, I believe much of the controversy is stirred up by evil. Everyone should see this movie because it is about love, grace and forgiveness which is what our Savior Jesus is all about. If it draws people closer to Jesus, then isn’t that the goal? I think the enemy likes to distract us from the main thing. But if we keep the “main thing” the “main thing,” which is sharing the saving grace and love of Christ then people are being redeemed back God and have the hope of eternal life.

I understand that God isn’t male or female but is referenced both ways predominately male in the bible. But I just love how God relates to the main character so he can be redeemed back. His Dad was abusive so he might not have been open to the unconditional love of a Father God. Personally, I see God all different ways in any given day. I don’t have a specific image of God. I do of Jesus as a man but not God.

I see God as a heart, a feather, a butterfly, an ocean, a mountain, a sunrise or sunset. When I see these things in my life, it brings me into a conversation with God. Kind of like a reminder that he is always there. He created everything around us so he is in everything.

So I’m not necessarily telling you to go see the movie but I wanted to give my own feedback and experience. I would hate for you to miss out on seeing an incredible moving movie just because of come crazy controversy.

Did you read the book or see the movie? What is your experience?

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